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Intro. to a fishing (and boating) blog...

Intro. to a fishing (and boating) blog...

As the description of this blog says, I lost my job due to Covid-19, so I find myself not working for the first time in 42 years. ...Can that be right?? OMG, that IS right!! The math works out. Anyway, my awesome wife and I made a deal. I take care of the house and pets, 2 dogs, 2 cats, & and a parrot who runs the place, and I can go fishing whenever I want. Tell me she's not the greatest wife ever!! I had to think about that for about a millisecond. I decided to document this odyssey, because I'm fairly certain there will comedic value in my inexperience and stupidity that will make some of you shake your head and cuss. A lot like watching "90 Day Fiance" on TV!! So here we go. 

I don't want any of the readers of this blog, in the off chance there are any, to think I know what I'm doing. I don't. I haven't fished with any regularity in years and I can only imagine we are now dealing with millennial fish, so I'm sure they will make fun of me, but if I can catch a few of the little suckers, maybe I can impart some of my sage wisdom and they will live a more full and meaningful life. ...At least until a bigger fish eats them.

Well, let's meet some of the principals in this story beginning with the boat. Her name is "Knot Her Scene" because my wife is from New York and doesn't fish AT ALL. She does go with me most of the time, but she just likes to listen to music and hand out water and snacks. For her kind nature, being the mature southern man I am, I torture her by putting flopping fish and live blue crabs around her feet. I guarantee, one day this blog will end abruptly and y'all will know she finally pushed me off the boat. Anyway, back to the boat. She is a 20 year old, 22' Bay Stealth VIP, center console bay boat with a 150 HP Yamaha outboard motor. I hope that sounded impressive, because that's all I know about that.

You've already met me, kinda. I'm an idiot from south Mississippi that was raised by a redneck from Georgia and a VERY prim and proper woman from the north of England and her mother. Talk about a weird childhood. My siblings and I would feed hogs, cows, horses, and tend to a massive garden, all in time for afternoon tea. And yes, we had tea cakes and raisin scones with the tea. Anyway...

I will have a few friends fish with me from time to time. But the BIG highlights will come when our daughter, her husband, and our grandson Hayden comes to visit from upstate New York. Haydo, as he is known, is 5 years old and upon his next trip to Texas, he is going to help put a rocket on Grandpa's boat. So, for no other reason, you HAVE to stay tuned for that.

Let's get to it then. The pictures posted here are from a week ago. My buddy, Marvin and I went out and fished in the evening using dead, live shrimp. They were live when we left the marina, but apparently all had coronary's when they realized their fate. Marvin was fishing on the bottom and ended up catching a zillion fingerling catfish and a couple of small Pinfish, which made one of the most mild mannered people on earth cuss under his breath. LOL!! He didn't think I could hear him.

I was fishing with these same recently deceased shrimp, but I was using a popping cork with a 18" leader to stay above the bottom. This technique yielded fewer catfish and only one Redfish of note, however it was way too small so it got a reprieve. I told it to go grow up and tell his big brothers to come by as I let him go. 

I'm planning to post content and pictures each week, so plan on coming back when you can. Please enjoy the pictures.

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